It’s really hard to learn Thai

I can speak several languages now but the toughest by far was the Thai Language. I tried to learn Thai by myself just reading text listing to tapes and stuff online but really it didn’t work very well because i had the most trouble with pronunciation. I think that’ s were most people just like me had trouble with. Trying to learn and build up a big vocabulary is pointless if you don’t know how to say the words.

Thai is made up of many different sounds some of which I and most people will have difficulty trying to learn. The best place to start that I always tell people is the Thai alphabet. The reason the alphabet is so important because if you keep trying to say the letter, like seriously make them perfect. If you can say the alphabet completely and very clearly than you can say any Thai word something throws at you. Whether you know the word or not if it’s easier for you to say learning it will be a breeze.

Have you ever asked someone what something is in Thai. Like pointed to a chair and asked them what it’s called. This is the best way to learn Thai and like i said previously if you already know the alphabet then when it comes time for you to repeat the word they said you won’t be fumbling. Like I meant to ask is have you ever had a situation learning Thai¬†where someone has told you how to say it in Thai but you waste like 20 minutes just figuring out how to say it. Yeah, that’s why I tell people you need to know the alphabet first.

Do you really need to know how to write Thai? Simple answer is no! People don’t write letters these day they Type them and learning how to Thai type is just as important as learning how to speak Thai. When you have mastered how to Type in Thai you’ll be able to assimilate into Thai society.

Fitting in is very important in Thailand but unless you look Asian you’re always going to stick out. This is not your homeland. In the outskirts and country areas of Thailand it’s funny those people will treat you less like an outsider, more than likely because the people travelling to Thailand are more likely to be there so it’s more understandable yet harder for us to understand since we live in a very ethnically diverse country like the USA, Australia, or England.

So really it all boils down to your strategy for learning the language. This is the method I used and it might work for you, i might not either but seriously give it a try because now I’m living in Thailand and most days i don’t even speak English, although I do have to work all day using English so basically i’m writing in English but talking in Thai.

It’s really a great life once you know how to speak Thai, it’s opened up so many opportunities in my life I hope that someone reads this post and they too can live the dream in South East Asia just like I and tens of thousands of others are doing the same.

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Smoking Pot from a Bong

You know smoking in all shapes and forms is not good for you there are alternatives though like vaporizers and eating pot but nothing really can take away the hit you receive from a bong especially one of the best bongs on the planet. I smoke cigarettes as well I know that’s not good but it’s better than drinking way too much or is it?

You always feel different after you’ve smoked pot from a Bong as opposed to eating it. The bong that you use also makes a difference. A cheap home made bong would be nothing compared to a $800 bong from Grass City. But the differences besides it’s not that hard to see why bong smoking just rules because you also get to play with fire.

Having been a stoner for 20 years now I don’t know what it would be like if there was no pot around to keep smoking or no more Bong manufacturers to speak of. Legalization is truly the only way to go and once the world starts changing it’s stance and getting rid of the cartels would be a good thing. Personally I’d rather the government take control of this and see them as the cartel. At least they won’t kill people indiscriminately like they do everywhere else.

There is a concpiracy that the government is involved in the mass sale and production of illicit drugs but I don’t honestly believe that for a moment. Maybe in other countries where things are super corrupt and police make nothing I think the moral standard of the average person in America wouldn’t succumb to intimidation or bribery however there will be some cases.

Today like any other day I’ve witnessed yet another motion in the movement for the legalization and mass market recreational Marijuana Dispensaries around the USA these are springing up everywhere and soon we hope will make it legal everywhere.

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Taking your first hit

My first time smoking marijuana was not fun at all actually maybe it was a little it was certainly exciting but I had no way of knowing how it would change my life. The day started out like any other and I was walking to school. I came accross some of the older kids from school maybe year 11 and I was in year 7. I started saying hello to them I was never afraid to talk to nobody. They invited me to skip school hang out with them and smoke some bongs from a RooR Bong.

So we proceed to the mall and hang out for a bit and buy some orange juice. I had no idea what or why I would need orange juice but that’s just it didn’t matter it was just cool to hang out with someone older. Next thing you know we come back to one of the guys house and I think he was called Matt. Matt was a really cool guy and he made the device for which we’ll end up getting stoned from.

Jerry, one of the other kids was the bad kid. You just knew he was bad the things that he was say and do. Actually all the kids around my age at that school were kinda angry things probably weren’t that great at home and most just lived with their moms. It wasn’t the best area and in fact most people I know from back then are addicted to Meth, heroin or in jail. Glad I’m no longer there.

So the next thing you know we’re going out the back of his house no actually it was the side of his house and we sat down while they smoked the weed. My first hit smashed me. I think I kinda blacked out or something I had a bit of it and don’t remember much all I know is that the guys got up freaked out that his mum was home. Now that I think back to it I’m pretty sure he just said that so we’d jump up really quickly and get a bigger rush from it. Not sure whatever the case is I was so hammered I really didn’t like it I was stoned for what seemed like an eternity until finally it was like 3pm and I could go back home.

After that I’ve been smoking a lot of marijuana almost all the time but I know I’ll never feel like I did the first way i tried it nor will ever feel like that again.

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